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Below are some of the William Penn alumni we interviewed for this project. We will keep adding alumni photos to this page as we receive them. You can access audio and transcripts of individual interviews by clicking on the photos below, or click on the button for access to the entire collection. 

Jerry Camp, Class of 1968

Arlean Wilkes, Class of 1961

Hank Wall, Class of 1968

Bob Brown, Class of 1954

Dorothy Collins, Class of 1968

Barbara Carter, Class of 1968

Yvonne Bostic, Class of 1959

Murray Davis, Class of 1963

Gwyn Davis, Class of 1966

Hank Pressley, Class of 1967

Julius Clark picture.jpg

Lateef Mangum, High Point High,

Class of 1968

Julius Clark, Class of 1968

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